Welcome to Suissemun X!

What is Suissemun?

Since 2013, the Model United Nations has been implemented at Helvetia:SUISSEMUNwhich began under the motto "For a diverse world".

In this important academic exercise, students from grades 7 to 12 12th grades from both the French and German sections, but we also count with the assistance of friendly schools belonging to the European Community.

During the three days of the simulation version, students participate as delegates in committees in different languages, exercising skills in different languages. On the other hand, a smaller but equally important group of students takes care of the organizational and communication tasks to make this a meaningful exercise.

This model aims to simulate the United Nations Organization with its instances of debate and confrontation of ideas and positions of groups of society and countries of the world. It is a very enriching pedagogical project of Cycle III, coordinated by the Social Sciences area and which provides a great opportunity to investigate, analyze and question about situations of geopolitics and contemporary economy, obeying the protocols established by the UN.

In addition, the SUISSEMUN strengthens citizenship competencies such as empathy, tolerance and respect, while taking into account diversity and intercultural understanding.