School Orientation Service (SOE)


In order to ensure that students receive comprehensive and timely attention, Helvetia School has an interdisciplinary team, the School Guidance Service (SOE), made up of three psychologists and a speech therapist, to provide guidance, counseling and support to the educational community.


  • Provide individual psycho-educational support to students and crisis counseling.
  • Perform interventions in group dynamics related to socioemotional issues.
  • Support teachers in the structuring of the cross-cutting program of comprehensive sexuality education.
  • Coordinate the "Consentidos" Alcohol and Cigarette Consumption and Prevention Program.
  • Guidance in referrals to external professionals and follow-up of therapeutic processes.
  • Accompany, advise and support the educational community (students, guardians and teachers) in situations that affect their school life.
  • To watch over the harmonious coexistence of the community, mainly through the promotion of the development of citizenship competencies and social-emotional skills, and the attention of diverse situations together with the coexistence management and course leaders.

Need Help?

Here you will find support in situations of coexistence, violation of your rights or if you need to talk to someone, you can write to us
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School Speech Therapy

The purpose of this service is to provide comprehensive support to the members of the educational community, through different promotion, prevention, detection and follow-up activities.

With our students:

  • The type of accompaniment is determined based on group observations in the classrooms, case studies with teachers, counseling with therapeutic teams, creation of management strategies, elaboration of home plans.

If necessary, students are referred to external therapeutic accompaniment.

  • Activities are designed to stimulate communication skills, thinking and learning. From a preventive and detection work in group meetings with students.
  • Study habits and methods are strengthened to improve their organization and the use of strategies to study optimally at home and favor their learning process.

With teachers:

  • Advise pedagogical teams so that their classes favor the development of basic communication skills (reading, understanding, writing, listening, speaking and expressing oneself correctly).
  • Accompany the teachers of the school in the construction of tools and educational strategies that favor the teaching-learning process, taking into account diversity.

With families:

  • Advise parents on specific situations that are affecting academic, personal and social performance, related to the communicative area or the teaching-learning process.
  • Build strategies and management suggestions to support students' processes from home.
  • Participate in meetings between professors and external professionals and follow up on the agreements established there.