Servicio de Orientación Escolar (SOE)

Con el fin de garantizar que los estudiantes sean atendidos integral y oportunamente, el Colegio cuenta con la asesoría de un equipo interdisciplinario, Servicio de Orientación Escolar (SOE), conformado por tres psicólogos, una fonoaudióloga y una especialista en diferenciación escolar.


  • Provide individual support based on a psycho-educational approach in coordination with external professionals when necessary.
  • To ensure the harmonious coexistence of the community, mainly through the promotion of the development of citizenship competencies and socio-emotional skills, and the attention to various situations.
  • Participate in the Horizons Coexistence group.
  • Design, coordinate and develop the sexuality education programme.
  • Coordinate career guidance activities.
  • Coordinate the internship process.
  • Coordinate the Prevention Programme "Consentidos" (Prevention of alcohol and cigarette consumption).


  • To support the development of pupils' basic communication skills in reading, understanding, writing, listening, speaking and expressing themselves correctly in their mother tongue.
  • Prevent, detect and intervene in communication disorders (oral and written) and in any learning process. If necessary, refer students to external therapeutic support.
  • In Playgroup and Level I: Design activities to stimulate communication skills (hearing, voice, speech, language), thinking and learning. From a preventive and detection work in group meetings with students.
  • Advise parents on specific situations that are affecting academic, personal and social performance, related to the communicative area or the teaching-learning process.
  • In Level II and III: Strengthen study habits and methods in students to improve their organisation through the use of different strategies and tools to study optimally at home and favour their learning process.
  • Accompany the school's teachers in the construction of tools that favour the teaching-learning process.
  • Coordinate meetings between teachers and external professionals; follow up on the agreements established there.


  • "To meet the common and specific needs of students in order to guarantee their access to and permanence in a quality education within a framework of respect for difference and diversity". (Taken from the PEI CH document)
  • Build together with teachers the Individual Plan of Reasonable Adjustment (PIAR) of the students belonging to the Programme.
  • Monitor and update the PIAR.
  • Provide support to teachers in the implementation of strategies and in the classroom for those students who require it.
  • Representar a SOE en la Comisión de Promoción y Evaluación.