This business-oriented teaching program, WIWAG®, was created by the Ernst Schmidheiny Foundation of Switzerland, in close cooperation with the Institute of Pedagogy of the University of St. Gallen, to carry out economic immersion weeks in secondary schools and particularly in Swiss schools abroad.

It is based on a computer-supported business simulation, which allows students to imagine and directly experience economic relationships by managing the company through their own decision making, applying interrelated concepts. For this purpose, they are guided and supported by 4 economics specialists from Switzerland. This ensures an optimal link between the topics covered in class and practice.

During the Economic Week, students are trained to:

  • Discover basic business management relationships through a comprehensive model of the company and its environments.
  • Make concrete decisions in different areas of business management with the help of a business game.
  • To obtain a basic vision of selected areas of the economic process in order to encourage the observation of the problems of this discipline.