In order to strengthen y and reinforce the peaceful coexistence in the classrooms of our school of our school, lthe week of November 14 to 17, 2023, was held the Week of Reflection on Coexistence, each day of this week had as its purpose of this week was to promote the diálogo and learn to to grow together in the difference.

The activities that took place each day of this week focused on the Plan de Convivencia School Coexistence which is developed under 4 axes: promotion, prevention, attention and follow-up. This as an process of pedagogical with the whole community, especially with our students, for learn, agree and implement actions of reparation and non-repetition.íto the future.

Expert Panel: Restorative Practices in the School Context

Our Expert Panel was a valuable dialogue that taught us to Grow Together in Difference, relive the best moments here!

Closing our Week of Reflection on Coexistence

To close this important week our students made a manifesto with commitments to strengthen coexistence in our school, we also took an aerial photo of our entire community, together for the difference .

See Manifesto: colombia Spanish    germany German    france French       united states English 


Do not miss the Panel of experts with the theme: "Restorative Practices in the School Context" with the participation of:

  • Daniel Samper: journalist, father of a family (panel moderator)
  • Maria Figueroa: Rector Marymount College
  • Evert Silva: Human Partner
  • Juan Camilo Aljuri: Ministry of Education
  • Isabel Segovia: Early Childhood Specialist (Origami Group), mother of a family
  • Paola Grisales: Early childhood specialist, mother of a family.
  • Rafaela Velásquez: student of 12, student representative
  • John Fredy Cardenas: Teacher of Ethics and Human Rights, Colegio Helvetia

Date: November 14, 2023
Time: 7:30 a.m.- 8:45 a.m.
Place: Colegio Helvetia Dining Room

In this activity you will learn about the School Coexistence Team and how the Mediation Mailbox works. This activity will focus on the function, characteristics and protocol of our mediation team.

Enjoy this space where we will encourage the union of the cognitive with the emotional to strengthen respect for the difference. In this way we will encourage empathy, cooperation, tolerance to frustration and teamwork. This through games, music and different activities.

In this space, through board games based on observation, communication and group work, our students will learn to find solutions together.

Don't miss these games:

  • Dixit
  • Therie du Complot
  • Escape Room (board game)
  • Code Names

This activity consists of a playful sporting confrontation between two companions where they can only hold their rival by the waistband of the pants without letting go until they knock him down on his back on the floor, at the end of which the participants are thanked for their participation.

In this sport, competitors are recognized, both the strongest and the weakest, participants will learn self-regulation, self-judgment, emotional control and most importantly learn to win and lose in a healthy way.

From the Spanish area you can enjoy this activity where you will find:

  • Readings
  • Discussions
  • Interviews

Likewise, for 4th and 3rd grade they will work in "La Fabrica de Construcción de Paz" (The Peace Building Factory) that works through words, campaigns and short films.

From our Art area we will make a beautiful mural where through a call for proposals we will select the most creative and meaningful proposal to make this mural.

Proposals must meet these requirements:

  • The image should be inspired by a positive reflection on coexistence.
  • For the execution of the mural all students must be able to participate.

Send us your proposal!

Modular origami is a form of origami that consists of building paper modules to be assembled into a final 3-dimensional model. The idea is that all the participants generate a final model with the modules of each one, just as in the coexistence we build relationships, here we work as a team to achieve a final result.

From philosophy, ethics and human rights, various theoretical elements will be provided to help students understand what violence is and why in multiple circumstances it can be exercised without understanding it.

This activity will be directed to 8th and 9th grade students who have been learning this activity since before, during this week the four courses will play in different groups where they will earn points according to the results.

In this way they will learn to play as a team, accept differences, learn to win and lose in order to promote coexistence.

Don't miss it!

Our entire community can participate in this Week of Reflection on Coexistence, so we invite families to participate in various activities such as: 

  • Papaz Network Conference: Parenting Guidelines from a Restorative Approach. Connect here
  • Inauguration Panel Tuesday, November 14 7:30 a.m. (in person)

Don't miss them!

Don't miss this Parade of Values that will take place in the school cafeteria on Friday at 7:30 a.m. where you can learn more about the most important values that we will strengthen this Week of Reflection on Coexistence.

  • Friendship recipe: to facilitate a space for interaction and coexistence between the students of the Games Group and Cycle 2 (6th grade) through the preparation of a delicious recipe and a picnic.
  • Who I am: strengthening children's self-esteem and the construction of socio-affective bonds with their group mates.
  • I love and respect my body: learning to know, love and enjoy the body. To awaken in children an interest in the knowledge of their bodies and thus generate a need for care and conservation that will lead them to acquire habits and rules of coexistence while also respecting the bodies of others.
  • Coexistence kit: developing social skills as tools to repair and restore relationships, identifying emotions.
  • What I like and what I don't like, situations to say no: promoting autonomy and reflecting on the abilities and skills that mature as children grow and that will serve as protection in risk situations.
  • Emotional wellbeing: through a multisensory circuit to provide a space for interaction between the different cycles, in this case the children of GJ and their future kindergarten classmates in the first year (multigrade).
  • Weaving a spider's web to solve conflicts: possible conflicts of daily life at school will be raised, while the children give possible solutions, we will weave a spider's web that will last over time and to which we can resort when a conflict is recurrent in the classroom.
  • Cooperative games: work as a team while developing social and communication skills. Players have a common goal and join forces to achieve it.
  • Sponsorship Plan: a space for interaction and care. Each 11th and 12th grade student will sponsor a GJ student. Throughout the year, various activities are planned where they will share moments of play, example and respect.
  • We are all different: to recognize and encourage respect for differences. To value each other's differences in order to promote healthy coexistence. Understand that we can all include and be included.

Several pedagogical moments will be part of the closing of this week through which we will unite as a community from the Junior to 12th grade.