Martin Kobel
Rector (E)


Currently, our Rector-in-Charge is Mr. Martin Kobel. He grew up in the Basel region of Switzerland where he obtained a degree in Modern History and German Literature and Language at the University of Basel. He then trained as a teacher for High School and Matura with a Specialization in Didactics of School Theater. Martin came to Helvetia College in 2016 as a high school teacher, due to his work, academic background and dedication in 2019 he became Vice Rector of our institution.


Martin Kobel's pedagogical philosophy is very focused on putting students at the center of all institutional considerations, respecting their differences and understanding diversity as an aspect that enriches the school at all levels. Influenced by the famous Swiss pedagogue Juan Enrique Pestalozzi, he defends an integral pedagogical model. In which academic, artistic, sports and socio-emotional development aspects are united.


Martin is married, has two children who were born in Colombia. In his life our country is very important and he has formed a Swiss-Colombian-American family reflecting on a personal level the diversity that characterizes Switzerland and Colombia.

He cordially invites you to get to know the pedagogical proposal of Colegio Helvetia and to become part of this wonderful community.