Transparency and Business Ethics Program - PTEE

What is the Report channel?

It is the mechanism provided for people to inform or communicate to the Helvetia School Association the existence of irregularities, in order to activate the mechanisms of investigation and sanction.

What is corruption? 

These shall be all conducts aimed at an Entity benefiting, or seeking a benefit or interest, or being used as a means in the commission of crimes against public administration or public assets or in the commission of Transnational Bribery conducts.

What is transnational bribery? 

The conduct of transnational bribery is the act by virtue of which one or several employees, contractors, administrators, or persons linked to a legal person, give, offer, or promise, to a foreign public servant, directly or indirectly, sums of money, any object of pecuniary value or other benefit or utility, in exchange for the foreign public servant to perform, omit, or delay any act related to the exercise of his functions and in connection with an international business or transaction.

Irregularities to be reported through this channel 

Through this Confidential Channel, you can report or inform situations that are contrary to the ethics of the Helvetia School Association, irregular, illegal or unethical conduct including violations of the Law, Regulations, and the School's Business Ethics and Transparency Program such as: Conflicts of Interest, acts of Corruption, Fraud, bribery, Money Laundering or conduct contrary to the law, among others.

It is suggested to take into account the following items when making your report or communicating irregularities:

  • Present a clear, detailed and accurate account of the facts of which you have knowledge.
  • If possible, state how, where and when the events occurred.
  • Indicate who did it, if known.
  • Attach evidence to support your story, if available-Provide your name and address or telephone number so that we may contact you if necessary or keep you informed of the progress of your complaint.
    of your complaint.
  • In the event that you prefer to report anonymously, make sure that the report is credible and that it is accompanied by evidence to guide the investigation.
  • Report whether the facts have been brought to the attention of any authority, indicating which one.