Students from third through sixth grade are trained in specific areas with an emphasis on the immersion language (German or French): mathematics, natural sciences, Swiss culture. Within the objective of offering a comprehensive education, school life at this level is governed by a coexistence matrix that was developed with the School Support Unit. We work according to the principles of Positive Discipline and we hold conferences and workshops for parents in this sense. The work in half groups and the school support sessions once a week favor a very personalized follow-up of each student.

Throughout the level, learning to read and write in both Spanish and the second language is consolidated.

In order for graduates to be considered multilingual, in the sixth grade they begin to study a third language: English. In addition to the mandatory curriculum, elementary students have the opportunity to take extracurricular activities in different fields such as art, sports, linguistics (English) and science.

Our students are not only developing at the academic level: they are also being trained in a bicultural environment. In the student's timetable there is a space called "Swiss culture" which aims to familiarize them with the traditions of Switzerland and to further strengthen cultural ties.

In order to complete the integral formation, personal and social competencies that allow a healthy coexistence are fostered in elementary school. Programs such as Positive Discipline or regular practices such as the Class Council are the cornerstones for achieving this objective.