The Master Plan responds to the need to plan and execute constant infrastructure improvements, with a healthy balance between heritage and modernity.

At the same time, a healthy balance was sought between the old, the patrimonial and the modern. In fact, with the intention of building necessary spaces, the community had carried out activities such as the 2CyT that brought together parents, directors, students and teachers in a sports day, in order to raise funds for the construction of the Coliseum - Theater.

Our institution with a view to the future, the directors of Colegio Helvetia ask themselves where it intends to go and how far it is convenient to grow; this is how the Master Plan initiative was born, with the purpose of achieving the improvement, growth and consolidation of the physical plant, in accordance with the spirit of its urban and cultural architecture, of yesterday, today and tomorrow.


The Master Plan consists of five major phases. Phase 1 is under construction, which corresponds to the updating and replacement of the elementary and high school classrooms, with the addition of some special and modern classrooms for specific activities and laboratories.