It is a co-educational, non-denominational and multicultural school, as Colombian culture coexists with Swiss traditions. The school offers two sections corresponding to two of the official Swiss languages: German and French. English is taught and the school language is Spanish.

Colegio Helvetia educates ethical, responsible, autonomous, multilingual young people, whose excellent academic preparation allows them to take on the challenges of a globalised and multicultural world. Students complete the Swiss Matura and the Colombian Baccalaureate, which means easy access to the best universities in the country and abroad.

The characteristics of Helvetia graduates are their creativity to develop in different fields, their critical spirit and a great capacity to adapt to new developments.

The school has defined values that are worked on throughout their schooling. Helvetia's young graduates are characterised by being:


Our students receive an education based on the understanding of differences and the recognition of the Other, which encourages free expression, dialogue, conciliation and compliance with the rules of coexistence.


Helvetia College students can identify, enhance and develop their individual talents and recognise opportunities, propose actions, manage solutions, set goals and achieve them.


CH students stand out for their solidarity, great sensitivity and social commitment to the environmental, social, educational and political reality of the country.