The Special Management and Protection Plan -PEMP- is an instrument that the Ministry of Culture created so that national monuments or Assets of Cultural Interest of the National Sphere have clear rules and regulations that must be complied with for their conservation, maintenance and administration. The aim is to ensure that they continue to exist and can be enjoyed by all.

For the Helvetia School, developing its PEMP was a significant opportunity to establish the area that cannot be modified by major works in order to avoid a repetition of negative interventions such as the loss of classrooms, gardens and green areas that occurred when Boyacá Avenue was widened.

The elaboration of the PEMP involved an analysis of the different stages of construction of the school in order to value the architecture, buildings and open areas that are part of its identity and that should continue to exist. Thus, the buildings that were designed by the Swiss architect Victor Schmidt, such as the chapel, the dining room, the kindergarten, the administration area and the current mathematics classrooms, are the spaces that allow us to remember what the school was like in its early days. the school in its early years and why they are relevant to the culture of the Colombian people.


The PEMP defines the basic rules in 4 components, as requested by the general law of culture:

  • Delimitation of the affected areaThe affected area: corresponds to the school property to be preserved.
  • Delimitation of the zone of influenceThe aim is to establish rules for the school's neighbours, so that their activities and constructions do not affect the quality of the school's space.
  • Permitted levels of interventionThe levels of intervention: these determine exactly which buildings must be maintained, which can be improved and which can be changed in order to preserve our heritage, but also to meet our needs, which evolve as in any organisation.
  • Management conditionsThe conditions of management: say exactly what works can be carried out, where and how, so that the College Infrastructure Committee can guide the actions.

With the dissemination plan the need to keep society as a whole informed of the values of our heritage.

To rememberThe Helvetia School Management and Protection Plan (PEMP) was drawn up by the architect Rodolfo Ulloa Vergara, with the support of the School Board and approved by the Ministry of Culture by Resolution 2014 of 30 September 2009.