The aim of these activities, which are carried out from ninth to twelfth grade, is to provide as much and as varied information as possible to help students orient themselves in their choice of career and also to give them a first contact with the real world of work. This is achieved in different ways:

INFORMATION FOR PARENTS AND STUDENTS ABOUT UNIVERSITY MARKETING ACTIVITIES: Parents and students receive information about the activities of various universities so that those who show interest in them can sign up and participate in them.

2. INTEREST SURVEY: A survey is designed and applied to obtain preliminary information on students' current interests in studying at a particular university, in a particular career or if they are interested in studying abroad. Based on these results, universities are brought to the school and career orientation talks are held with former students.

3. TEST OF VOCATIONAL ORIENTATION AND SENSE OF LIFE: The Con-Sentido Vocational Orientation test seeks to determine what is the probability that one or some areas of knowledge are compatible with the sense of life of the person being evaluated, by quantitatively establishing the link between some activities inherent to the learning and exercise of the different areas of knowledge (Humanities, Social, Engineering, Health, Natural, Bachelor's, Services, Economics, Arts and Military) and central elements of what we call "sense of life" (emotionality, rationality, coherence and identity).

4. TALKS WITH ALUMNI: We invite professional alumni to the College to talk about their experience, how they chose their career, what they considered and what their professional life has been like.

5. VISIT OF UNIVERSITIES: Students will have the opportunity to meet with representatives of the different universities, so that they can ask them all the questions they consider relevant for the processes of registration, selection and enrolment in the different educational centres.

6. INTERNSHIPS: (Will not take place during the Pandemic)

They have been held successfully for thirteen years and their main purpose is to allow young people, for four days, a direct approach to the working environment, giving them the opportunity to get to know professions and professionals in different sectors (public, private, health, education, etc.).

7. WORKSHOPS ON THE MEANING OF LIFE: Students from ninth grade onwards participate in various workshops, the central theme of which is the "Meaning of Life". Sense of Life and we can highlight the following:

  • Traces of meaning: exercise among friends
  • Valuations that build vine
  • The value of a decision.
  • Responding with values.
  • Being young.
  • The price of freedom.
  • How free are you?
  • I am.
  • Freedom and responsibility.
  • Human motivations.