It is one of the central events of the College and involves the participation of all three levels: two concerts for level I, two concerts for level II and a grand concert for level III.

It is 3 days where the Swiss community comes together around art and music. There are usually about 20 acts per session, more than 120 students as participants and about 800 people accompanying us during these days.

With the support of the art teachers, painting exhibitions are displayed at the entrance of the concert. But not only music and painting, but also magic, dance and sculpture are part of the event.

It has distinguished itself for being a project produced by the students, accompanied by the music and art area, the pedagogical direction and the administration. For six months we prepare ourselves through different activities such as: calls, registrations, announcements, auditions and rehearsals, where details are polished to make these three days the "Night of the Artists". On each occasion we have special guests such as universities and other schools that participate with their musical projects. Likewise, parents and former students have accompanied us on stage, making it a perfect excuse for families and friends to get together again at Helvetia School.