A cozy and quiet place, where we work in mixed age groups from 4 to 6 years old with students from kindergarten, first and second grade. Individualized learning is practiced where the group works on the same topic, but each student works according to his or her level and pace, in German or French. Team teaching is practiced three times a week as a method for an integral education. Spanish classes are also practiced three days a week.


At this stage, the non-formal literacy process is continued and the basic learning devices (sensory perception, motor skills, memory and attention) are strengthened. Working on the five dimensions (cognitive, communicative, artistic, personal, social and corporal) in the two languages, either in half groups or in full groups, promotes the development of personality, self-esteem and autonomy in the students, which contributes to the construction of a healthy coexistence, based on respect and tolerance. It generates in a very natural way the sense of belonging to a bicultural context that will be strengthened throughout their schooling at the school.