On Monday, February 8, we began a new stage in the 50/50 Alternation Phase, which we have so far carried out successfully. After a little more than a year of Pandemic, we can affirm that the return of the educational community has been truly gradual, progressive and safe.

The month of April brought us a third wave of Coronavirus that has forced us to return home again at times. This wave requires us to be more vigilant than ever. Fortunately, with all that we have learned and implemented, the Institution continues to operate and the schooling of all our students continues without interruption thanks to the Helvetia at Home device.

In this section of our website you will always find useful information for your maximum benefit. Here you will also find the official circulars of the College and the necessary information to facilitate integral self-care, which is the key to overcome this pandemic together.




"Helvetia at Home" is an exclusive design of Helvetia School and is synchronized with our pedagogical model. It is necessary that the entire community follows the guidelines set out in this document whose objective is to demonstrate in a clear and concrete way what we have been developing to date and involves the different actors involved so that the educational proposal is maintained successfully and the institution is strengthened in the midst of the current situation.