Helvetia Update #37 - September 2023

Helvetia up to date

In the second semester of 2017, students began to work hand in hand with the College for what would be the farewell of the buildings that would be demolished in the first phase of the Master Plan; the production and recording of videos began to leave memory of this event, and also to disclose the transition phase in the infrastructure of the College. We can see that when the Management works hand in hand with teachers and students to communicate their great projects. Helvetia up to date The first edition of "Helvetia al día" was produced by the students with the support of the Communications Office and the school administration. This is how the first edition of "Helvetia al Día" was issued in 2018.

Now, Helvetia al Día has more than 36 editions and specials of great characters broadcasted with more than 100,000 reproductions on YouTube.

Every month, the main news about the College: achievements, initiatives, projects, activities carried out or about to be carried out, messages from the Rectory, progress of the Master Plan, reports with students, teachers or outstanding alumni and, of course, characters that make history in the College are the raw material of "Helvetia al Día".

The aim is threefold: to keep the entire Swiss community informed about what is happening at the College, to make ourselves known to the outside world through social media and the website, and to strengthen the links between the various community groups.

Thank you for joining us every month!