It is a space designed for children from three to four years of age that uses play as the main tool to favour their integral development. It is a year of essentially playful experiences that prepares children on an emotional, sensory-motor, communicative and cognitive level to enter Level I (Kindergarten). The activities designed in Playgroup contribute to the children's development in the following dimensions: Personal Social, Corporal, Cognitive, Artistic and Communicative.



We start from the curiosity of this age group as the driving force for learning; therefore, experiences such as play, reading, music, exploration of the environment and the arts, among others, allow us to get to know each child with his or her abilities, challenges and particularities.}

We offer children a variety of materials and environments that maintain their curiosity, motivation to discover, experiment, create, imagine, dialogue and ask questions. Games are incorporated into free and directed activities that enhance their development.

Immersion language approach from the very first year of schooling

During this first year, the link with the second language (German or French) begins to be created in a playful way, in everyday situations, for short periods during the school day.

Positive Discipline

In order to start teaching our children to be responsible, respectful and resilient, we have the Positive Discipline programme.

Classroom projects

We use classroom projects as a methodological strategy; the interests and needs of the group are prioritised, the whole educational community is involved and aspects of language, cognitive, affective and motor skills are stimulated.

In order to strengthen promotion and prevention, different cross-cutting projects are implemented in areas such as health, care for the environment, good treatment and safe mobility.


Children work individually or in small groups simultaneously on different learning activities. Working in "corners" allows for differences, interests and learning paces to be accommodated.