The Federal Office of Culture (BAK, Bundesamt für Kultur) is an administrative unit of the Federal Department of Home Affairs, based in Bern, Switzerland. The main objectives of this Swiss government office are to promote culture and preserve the country's cultural heritage. Within the scope of these objectives, specific missions or projects are carried out to support Swiss schools abroad and to promote education in the Swiss Confederation.

Sponsor cantons of Bern and Valais


The canton of Bern is one of 26 Swiss cantons and one of Switzerland's three bilingual (mainly German-speaking) cantons. Its capital, Bern, is also the administrative capital of the Swiss Confederation.

This canton monitors the curricula for Kindergarten 1-9 in the German section and supports Helvetia with the training of teachers for the implementation of Lehrplan 21.

Since 2007, the canton of Bern has been sending an expert to our school to supervise the implementation and presentation of the Swiss bilingual Matura tests.


It is the third largest and eighth most populated canton in the Swiss Confederation. It is also one of the bilingual cantons, where French is the majority language.

Every year one of the High Pedagogical Schools of this canton sends a group of trainees to Helvetia to exchange good pedagogical practices between Switzerland and Colombia.

The canton of Valais monitors the curricula for Kindergarten 1 to 9 of the French section and supports our teachers with the PER (Plan d'Étude de la Romandie).

Swiss Embassy in Colombia

It is the official representation of the Swiss Confederation in Bogotá and as such covers the diplomatic relations between the two governments. The Embassy represents Switzerland's interests in the fields of politics, economy, finance, law, science, education and culture.
For almost 70 years, the Swiss Embassy in Colombia and the Colegio Helvetia have been closely linked and maintain excellent relations of mutual cooperation.

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