The Student Government elected for the 2023 - 2024 school year is composed of:

Personería: Sebastián Mejía (12A) y Juan Martín Vicaria (12A)

President of the Student Council: Luciana García Vélez (12A)

In order for students to feel closer to their representatives and for their voice to be heard in the most effective way possible, we have created this page, where they can send us all their proposals without having to look for us personally, and with just one click.

The functions of the Personería team are as follows: 

  1. Ensure compliance with the duties and rights of students.
  2. Receive suggestions and concerns from students.
  3. To submit to the Rector requests and suggestions from students that help to protect their rights and facilitate the fulfilment of their duties.
  4. Maintain a responsible and committed attitude towards students.
  5. Mediating in situations where their presence is required.
  6. Participate in the CEC (Comité Escolar de Convivencia).

The functions of the President and Vice-President of the Student Council are:

  1. To be spokespersons for the students before the Board of Trustees and before other bodies when necessary.
  2. Attend meetings and represent students before the School Coexistence Committee.
  3. Chairing the meetings of the Student Council.
  4. Decide the agenda according to the suggestions and concerns of the students.
  5. Draw up the calendar of meetings for each semester in agreement with the Secretary General of the CH.
  6. Leading the initiatives proposed by the Student Council.
  7. Follow up on proposed initiatives.

To send the message, you must sign in with your Microsoft Office 365 corporate account. (