El Gobierno Estudiantil elegido para el año escolar 2022 – 2023 está conformado por:

Personería: Federico Martínez  (12B)  y Alejandro Goméz  (12B)

Presidente Consejo Estudiantil: Isabella Muñoz (12A)

In order for students to feel closer to their representatives and for their voice to be heard in the most effective way possible, we have created this page, where they can send us all their proposals without having to look for us personally, and with just one click.

The functions of the Personería team are as follows: 

  1. Ensure compliance with the duties and rights of students.
  2. Receive suggestions and concerns from students.
  3. To submit to the Rector requests and suggestions from students that help to protect their rights and facilitate the fulfilment of their duties.
  4. Maintain a responsible and committed attitude towards students.
  5. Mediating in situations where their presence is required.
  6. Participate in the CEC (Comité Escolar de Convivencia).

The functions of the President and Vice-President of the Student Council are:

  1. To be spokespersons for the students before the Board of Trustees and before other bodies when necessary.
  2. Attend meetings and represent students before the School Coexistence Committee.
  3. Chairing the meetings of the Student Council.
  4. Decide the agenda according to the suggestions and concerns of the students.
  5. Draw up the calendar of meetings for each semester in agreement with the Secretary General of the CH.
  6. Leading the initiatives proposed by the Student Council.
  7. Follow up on proposed initiatives.

To send the message, you must sign in with your Microsoft Office 365 corporate account. (

Dear students:

From the Personería 2021- 2022 Team we would like to tell you about our progress to date in our management as Personeras of the College.

At the beginning of the year, we launched with a student-centred identity, with three main axes: Activities, Welfare and Communication.

We want to show you which proposals have been implemented, the proposals that are under development and those that we are still trying to develop, as well as leaving the doors open to any type of proposal that you may have.


We would like to tell you that we have fulfilled the Halloween proposal. With this proposal students from 7th to 12th grade had the opportunity to share in different activities. Regarding other proposals, we want to tell you that we already have a survey that will allow us to take the next step to the clubs. In the following weeks the idea is that you can answer the survey so that we can finally open the clubs with more members. We also had the opportunity to talk to Fredy Cortés, director of the Sports area, with whom we will meet to start putting together the tables for the different intercourses, which have already been approved and we hope that the weather will help us to open the courts soon. As a proposal for the near future we would like to propose to the school the short story competition that was mentioned in the presentation of our campaign.


Firstly, we developed the Godfather Plan; some of the students enrolled have already started with support and have met with the younger students, and this proposal is already taken as part of the Compulsory Student Social Service. In addition to this, we managed to make progress in the mental health proposal, where a pilot talk was developed for students from 9th to 12th grade. The idea at the moment is to gather the students' opinions and move forward with a plan of workshops in the different courses. With regard to Social Service in general, many options were opened in the school, some of them are: support for relatives of service employees, cooperation with the Communications Area of the School, the aforementioned Godfather Plan and help in events such as Christmas Night and the Bazaar of the Swiss Colombian Foundation. On the other hand, and as another start to the proposal, 10th and 12th grade students have been allowed to raise funds through sales.


In this area we had the following advances: the school newspaper is being finalised for its first edition, however, we want to invite you to be part of this space where you can express yourselves and write whatever you want or even help in the artistic part. In addition, it is important to highlight the campaign that was carried out before the elections for Youth Councils, where we went through the classes from 9th to 12th giving information about the elections and promoting political participation. As we have said from the beginning, we want to achieve a more direct communication with the students and that you always know what is going on with our representation, that is why we are addressing you through this document. We will also be making a video to show you the progress we have made. We would like to inform you that on the school website there is already a space dedicated to the office where you can have a direct communication with us by clicking on a button.

We are proud of what we have achieved in these months and we hope to continue working hand in hand with the directors and with you, the students, to further develop our Personería plan. Once again we would like to remind you that this campaign belongs to everyone, so any questions, proposals, concerns, ideas are and will continue to be welcome. Do not hesitate to contact us (María Carrasco and/or Emilia Hernández from 12B) to tell us your opinions, proposals and that the school becomes the best place for YOU and for EVERYONE.

María Carrasco and Emilia Hernández

Personality 2021 - 2o22