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Learning to Live Together

Helvetia School has defined a comprehensive set of processes, programs and activities for the entire educational community in order to promote and strengthen the proper coexistence and prevent behaviors that affect the construction of a healthy and happy school environment. We have developed this content center so that students, parents, teachers and collaborators can easily find all the information and content related to school coexistence and have an educated and informed community about the mechanisms that the school has to strengthen it.


Lines of Action

1. Integral Care Route

Defines the processes and protocols to be followed by the entities and institutions that make up the National System of school coexistence and training for human rights, education for sexuality and the prevention and mitigation of school violence, in all cases in which school coexistence and human, sexual and reproductive rights of students in educational institutions are affected, articulating an agile, comprehensive and complementary service offer (Article 29 of Law 1620 of 2013).

This route establishes a series of steps to assume the components of promotion, prevention, attention and follow-up, seeks to strengthen school coexistence and reduce the impact of some elements that could affect it.

This Route and all the care protocols involved are described in our Coexistence Manual and can be downloaded here:

2. Navigate Safely

Seeks to provide tools to strengthen the socio-emotional development of students, taking into account the situations that must be resolved at each stage of their development.

Download here the workbooks for each grade:


3. Parenting Schools 

  • Sexual Development in Boys and Girls l June 2023 2023 view here
  • Sex Education in Adolescence 1 l 2023 see here
  • Sex Education in Adolescence 2 l 2023 see here
  • Sex Education in Early Childhood 2023 see here
  • Parents School 2023 see here
  • Lecture: Prevention of nicotine use in electronic devices see here
  • Fathers and Mothers in Internet Times 2023 see here

4. School Mediation

Its objective is to facilitate the resolution of conflicts in a peaceful manner through constructive dialogue for the establishment of agreements to avoid future conflicts.

Meet our School Mediators here

Need Help?

Here you will find support in situations of coexistence or violation of your rights.

5. Positive Discipline

It is a philosophy and a methodology to educate children and adolescents in the school context and in the family, so that they act with empathy, motivation and commitment.

In the following video, Luz Ángela Cano, coordinator of the Positive Discipline program at the school, explains what it consists of:


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