Cycle III

The academic program offered from 7th through 12th grade strengthens in the student, in addition to academic quality, autonomy, development of habits, work discipline and the opportunity to explore and expand their cognitive, personal and social skills, as well as their personal interests, through a curricular structure with in-depth levels in mathematics, German, Spanish, English, choice of priority and complementary subjects, as part of the Matura program: Swiss baccalaureate that gives direct entry to Swiss universities, ranked among the best in the world. The student prepares a monographic work whose theme and tutor are chosen by the student.

Additionally, complementary activities are offered that fulfill their formative function in academic, social and sports activities such as the 10th grade language stay in Europe, the Model United Nations, Math and Astronomy Olympiads, environmental meetings, participation in UNCOLI, the Night of the Artists, Green Week and many more.

Pedagogical Activities Cycle III

The Matura program, the Swiss baccalaureate, gives our students the possibility to enter directly into Swiss universities. These universities are ranked among the best in the world and have very low tuition fees.

The language stay takes place during the first semester of the 10th grade school year and consists of an immersion in the European culture where the student will be welcomed by a host family. This is an academic and cultural trip to Switzerland, France or Germany during which the student attends an educational institution whose language is the language of immersion and shares the life of a European family.

In twelfth grade, our students take a teaching program oriented to Business Administration, led by a Swiss foundation whose methodology is based on a business simulation supported by the integration of ICT.

Helvetia College Model United Nations:SUISSEMUN

In this academic exercise, students in grades 7 to 12 participate in this academic 12th gradesand German section, and we also have the assistance of friendly schools belonging to the European Community. During the three days of the simulation version, students participate as delegates in committees in different languages, exercising skills in different languages.

In the 11th grade, the Internship Week is held with the objective of getting close to the working environment, with the purpose of getting to know professions and professionals in different sectors of the public and private productive environment.

This week is held every two years. Teachers design academic proposals based on an academic, cultural, sports or recreational approach, or a combination of the above that are very different from the student's routine.

These have as a common thread or background the experience of values such as autonomy, respect, responsibility and solidarity and the generation of awareness about the importance of sustainability in all possible areas.

The cultural week is held every two years at the end of the first academic semester and involves the entire community in the development of activities that revolve around Swiss or Colombian culture.

These initiatives are intended to highlight the importance for the school of achieving sustainability through the permanent experience of values such as autonomy, respect, responsibility and tolerance.

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