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Today we present the fifth edition of Desde Casa. On this occasion, our Rector presents the highlights of the College's current affairs in September and the excellent news of our Gradual, Progressive and Safe return starting October 13. We are very happy to share with you how the gradual return of students to face-to-face attendance, the return of teachers to the school, the results of the Student Government elections, interesting student ventures and the first Cultural Agenda of the school year. Thank you for joining us!

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In this edition we present the Rector's messages for the beginning of the school year, the first day of the Helvetia's youngest students, the debate for the election of the Student Government, the odyssey of the Swiss teachers to come and teach in our school, the preparation for a safe and progressive return and the recipe for one of the most popular dishes of the events at the school. Thank you for joining us!

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During the unprecedented situation we experienced in the second semester of the school year that recently ended, the Art area developed the project "Quarantine Diaries" in Level III. There, students from 7th to 12th grade expressed, through different plastic approaches to the project, their concepts about isolation. The Art area wanted to share this important exhibition and at the same time generate a space to disseminate the artistic projects of the NIII students of Helvetia School, thus giving visibility to the processes carried out in the classroom. Hence the birth [ ...]

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It is a pleasure for us to present you today the third edition of "From Home" with all the news of the closing of the school year in our school in a different way. On this occasion we show you a retrospective of the school year that was full of novelties, celebrations and also unexpected challenges. The Rector gives the Community his words of preparation for the next school year and we summarize the highlights of the end of the year 19-20: The Virtual Events, the outstanding participation of Helvetia in the Colombian Mathematics Olympics, the Virtual Photography Contest in Primary, our [. ..]

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Directed by Professor Andreas Huser, students from 7th to 12th grade of the extracurricular course Theater in German, interpret the "group therapy" stories of a group of former top executives who are in a job search agency. An unprecedented exercise, both pedagogically and artistically, to bid farewell to Helvetia's Cultural Agenda for this school year.

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From Home, we present the news of our school in a different way. In this second edition you will be able to see the details of the virtual celebration of the Teacher's Day, the success of the Cultural Agenda in its incursion into the virtual world, what the little ones of Helvetia miss most about their school, the outstanding participation of two Level III students in a panel discussion in English along with other schools in Latin America and we could not fail to share with you the musical talent and culinary skills of our students. Thank you for joining us! [...]

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Fifth version of the school's Cultural Agenda. We will enjoy a concert at home, alternating piano pieces performed by alumnus Alexandre Legler (class of 2003) and songs performed by alumnus Lucas Salcedo (class of 2002).

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We have been implementing "Helvetia at home" for a little over two months and we know that this time has been very demanding for all of us, but it is a challenge that we are overcoming together and it is leaving us with immense learning. Today we want to tell you, from the teachers' side, how we are innovating, adapting and constantly improving the development of academic activities and the accompaniment of students based on the feedback we receive from various sectors of the Community. We are successfully ensuring the continuity and quality of the schooling of our children and young people, without neglecting [ ...]

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This year from home, but with the same feeling! We wish you a happy teacher's day and thank you for your valuable work in the midst of the current situation.

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Fourth version of the school's Cultural Agenda. With a lecture by Denis Lambert, coordinator of the French area, and musical interpretations by students and alumni. A journey through the titles of the "chanson française" between the 30's and the present, which tells, through its musical notes and its interpreters, a little of the history of a country, a language and a culture linked to the record industry and entertainment.

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