Actions for coexistence


Dear Helvetia School community I would like to begin by thanking, on behalf of myself and the entire school, the support we have received from the families that are part of this community. Your messages of solidarity and willingness to support us in specific issues help us to turn this situation into an opportunity for growth and learning. Soon we will be communicating about the space to define the steps to follow. I would like to inform you about the concrete actions we are working on at this moment in favor of healthy school coexistence: Acknowledging what happened, and the need to work together for [. ..]

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Training and Updating in Educational Practices


This week the school teachers had different trainings to continue updating and complementing their professional practice. The first space was led by Lina Saldarriaga and Viviana Quintero from Aulas en Paz, working on the importance of classroom climate and social norms as a tool to strengthen coexistence. The second was developed by Hugo Florido, Education Consultant, who provided training in reasonable adjustments for the planning, development and evaluation of the comprehensions achieved by students, as a fundamental axis of educational quality. The last one was carried out by the Neuropsychologist Daniel Villamil, who deepened in thematic and [. ..]

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October month of Coexistence in Helvetia


We started October strengthening Helvetia's Coexistence! Helvetia School teachers strengthened the approach and conflict resolution through the guidelines and tools of pedagogical strategies of the case study. This October 3 and 4, 2022 these activities were developed in conjunction with the Classrooms in Peace program, seeking to strengthen the channels and methods of conflict resolution. José Fernando Mejía, director of Aulas en Paz, has continued training all teachers and managers in the pedagogical area. The Coexistence Directorate and its Psychology work team has been [ ...]

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