75th Anniversary Logo Contest - Colegio Helvetia


We are looking for the 75th Anniversary Logo Contest! Objective To encourage creativity and student participation in the commemoration of 75 years of Helvetia School by creating a logo, meaningful and representative of this date and the Institution. Participating Cycles: Cycle II and Cycle III Dates Deadline for submission of proposals: March 22 Committee Jury election: April 10 Announcement of the winner: April 16 Creation of the Logo Students can work individually or in teams, they can use different techniques or tools supported by the art area of the College. Thus, we invite [ ...]

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I UNCOLI Educators Summit


I UNCOLI Educators Summit At Helvetia School we took part in the I UNCOLI Educators Summit, which aimed to share classroom practices, solve common challenges, create networking, train teachers and administrative staff, and strengthen the network of UNCOLI schools. This summit was held in 11 schools belonging to the UNCOLI Network and focused on different areas of knowledge and pedagogy. Our school focused on Social Sciences, with 4 working tables on different topics, as follows: Tensions and challenges in the teaching of the armed conflict in Colombia, national curriculum and international curriculum, [. ..]

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Red Hand Day-12 February 2024


International Red Hand Day Since 2002, every February 12, Red Hand Day has been celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibits the use of children and adolescents in armed conflicts. Helvetia School joins this date remembering the more than 8,000 people who have been victims of this phenomenon and calls for the rights of children to be respected. Children and adolescents cannot continue to [ ...]

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Artists' Night 2024


The Night of Artists is one of the most important cultural events held by our school, this event has as its main objective to showcase the artistic talent and entrepreneurship of the students of Helvetia School. We are pleased to inform you that from Monday, December 11, 2023 until Friday, February 9, 2024, registrations will be open to participate in the Mini Night and Artists' Night to be held in May 2024. The Mini Artist Night is an intrinsically musical event where our students showcase their talents. The categories in [ ...]

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Actions for coexistence


Dear Helvetia School community I would like to begin by thanking, on behalf of myself and the entire school, the support we have received from the families that are part of this community. Your messages of solidarity and willingness to support us in specific issues help us to turn this situation into an opportunity for growth and learning. Soon we will be communicating about the space to define the steps to follow. I would like to inform you about the concrete actions we are working on at this moment in favor of healthy school coexistence: Acknowledging what happened, and the need to work together for [. ..]

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Strategic Road Safety Plan


According to Law 2050 of 2020, which modifies and adds to Law 1503 of 2011, which informs about the obligation we have as an Institution to develop and deliver a Strategic Road Safety Plan, but if you are wondering what it is, how can I participate, or how it is implemented, here we tell you what it is and why the participation of the entire Community is very important. What is the Strategic Road Safety Plan (PESV)? It is a risk management plan in companies or entities, based on the philosophy of the [... ]

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Don't miss the Artists' Night!


Undoubtedly, the Night of Artists (Level I, Level II and III), are three of the most important cultural events that our Institution carries out, this event has as its main objective to show the artistic talent and entrepreneurship of the students of Helvetia School. In previous years we have had the collaboration of 230 students, between level I, II and III, where we obtained a record number in participation and attendance, since we achieved an attendance of approximately 1,100 people. For the next edition of our Artists' Night, we hope to count on the participation and attendance of [... ]

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Participation in International Economics Olympiads


Laura Guatibonza, a 12A student, participated in the fourth version of the International Economic Olympiads, which this year was hosted by Latvia. Laura was selected, along with 4 other young people from the country, to represent Colombia in this competition that took place from 26 July to 1 August this year. Congratulations!

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With 45.39% of the votes, Pablo de la Vega and Tomás Romero from 12B, with their campaign "Construyendo a Distancia", have been elected for the Personería of the school for this school year. Likewise, with 63.84% of the votes, Anna Consuegra from 12B was elected to the position of Cabildante and Tomás Martínez from 11A, with 66.05% of the votes, was elected as Comptroller. Congratulations to the students and success in your administration!




During the unprecedented situation we experienced in the second semester of the school year that recently ended, the Art area developed the project "Quarantine Diaries" in Level III. There, students from 7th to 12th grade expressed, through different plastic approaches to the project, their concepts about isolation. The Art area wanted to share this important exhibition and at the same time generate a space to disseminate the artistic projects of the NIII students of Helvetia School, thus giving visibility to the processes carried out in the classroom. Hence the birth [ ...]

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