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Winners logo 75 years!


Last Tuesday, April 30, the exciting award ceremony of the contest "We are looking for the 75th Anniversary of Helvetia School Logo" took place. This contest, which sought to encourage creativity and student participation in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the school, received more than 30 proposals from students in Cycle II and Cycle III. The participants, both individually and in teams, demonstrated an impressive display of creativity by letting their imagination fly to create a meaningful and representative logo for this important date for the school. The jury, composed of Carlos Duque, expert [... ]

Winners logo 75 years!2024-05-15T11:25:48-05:00

The incredible journey of Colegio Helvetia's 'cubers': from local to national competitions


This is the story of a group of students from Helvetia High School who have found an exciting and challenging activity: building Rubik's cubes. They started with the traditional Rubik's cube, soon more friends joined them and they started participating in tournaments and learned about the competitions, rules and different figures they could put together. Despite age and grade differences, they formed a close-knit group and participated in local and national competitions. These students from the school have come together to grow together and participate in an activity that has turned out to be very interesting and has forged a great friendship. [...]

The incredible journey of Colegio Helvetia's 'cubers': from local to national competitions2024-05-03T09:22:06-05:00

Artists' Night 2024


The Night of Artists is one of the most important cultural events held by our school, this event has as its main objective to showcase the artistic talent and entrepreneurship of the students of Helvetia School. We are pleased to inform you that from Monday, December 11, 2023 until Friday, February 9, 2024, registrations will be open to participate in the Mini Night and Artists' Night to be held in May 2024. The Mini Artist Night is an intrinsically musical event where our students showcase their talents. The categories in [ ...]

Artists' Night 20242023-12-15T10:06:43-05:00

UNCOLI School Admission Protocols


These are the entry protocols for: Andino San Bartolomé Vermont Campo Alegre Marymount Colombo Hebrew Colombo San Jorge Nueva Granada Gimnasio la Montaña For more information please contact Freddy Cortés, Sports Coordinator - 301 793 11 95.

UNCOLI School Admission Protocols2023-04-13T08:54:05-05:00

We need you to strengthen the Swiss Community in Colombia!


General Assembly 2023 Next Thursday, March 23rd, the General Assembly will be held in mixed modality (virtual in person) at Helvetia College. To participate you must be an active member of the association: Voice and vote: all natural persons of Swiss nationality registered at the Embassy of Switzerland with residence in Colombia for at least three months, who are at least 20 years old and have paid the ordinary membership fee of $60,000 pesos. Adherent members with voice, but without vote: those admitted by the Board of Directors, who have paid half of the regular membership fee of [... ]

We need you to strengthen the Swiss Community in Colombia!2023-03-17T11:14:57-05:00

School Mediation


Mediation allows the two parties to re-establish dialogue and take ownership, in an autonomous manner, of the systems for managing their own conflicts. Seeking as a priority to reach agreements, the mediator manages to reduce the level of aggressiveness, tension and emotional exhaustion. Rules of the process: Do not interrupt each other Do not attack each other Do not assault each other Listen to each other Tell the truth Keep everything discussed in the process confidential Except if someone's integrity is at risk Additional rules proposed by the parties It is explained to the participants that it is logical for them to think that each one of them has a different [ ...]

School Mediation2022-06-16T16:36:37-05:00

Happy Women's Day and Happy Men's Day!


At Colegio Helvetia we wanted to recognize and thank on their day the women and men who are part of our community, thank you for all your effort, dedication and commitment that you show every day with the institution. In the following gallery you can see the images of these special dates:

Happy Women's Day and Happy Men's Day!2022-03-31T18:54:32-05:00

Welcome to Helvetia College!


We hope that this new stage with Colegio Helvetia will be long lasting and full of learning. We welcome you to this family, where we will share happy moments and work towards our goals as a team. We are happy to welcome our new colleagues: Welcome to Colegio Helvetia, we hope you will be part of our community for many years to come!

Welcome to Helvetia College!2022-03-31T18:08:29-05:00

Strategic Road Safety Plan


According to Law 2050 of 2020, which modifies and adds to Law 1503 of 2011, which informs about the obligation we have as an Institution to develop and deliver a Strategic Road Safety Plan, but if you are wondering what it is, how can I participate, or how it is implemented, here we tell you what it is and why the participation of the entire Community is very important. What is the Strategic Road Safety Plan (PESV)? It is a risk management plan in companies or entities, based on the philosophy of the [... ]

Strategic Road Safety Plan2022-03-07T12:33:59-05:00
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