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Kindergarten had a wonderful end to the year


This year was a journey full of many adventures, when we look back, we remember every morning when our students arrive at our school with their suitcase, a smile and all the expectation to learn many new things. This is how we shared beautiful sunny afternoons and many classes where the enthusiasm and curiosity of each student to learn more infected us with excitement to continue teaching. We understand that together with each family we have the great challenge of making our students a good person, happy and committed to the environment and the world, in a bicultural, multilingual context, so that [... ]

Kindergarten had a wonderful end to the year2022-02-07T10:32:38-05:00

This is how we lived the end of the year at Grupo de Juegos!


This Wednesday, December 15, we lived a very special end of the year closing where we were accompanied by parents in this celebration. We have reached the end of 2021 where we traveled a very special road full of contagious smiles, hugs, learning, brilliant ideas and lots of fun. Next year will bring many more challenges and roads to travel, where we will also be able to play and have fun as the main tool to promote the integral development of each of our students. This year we worked hard, we went on field trips, we learned songs, games and many new things. We learned to share, to laugh and to be more independent [... ]

This is how we lived the end of the year at Grupo de Juegos!2021-12-16T11:31:43-05:00



Helelvetia al Día is back! We are proud to be able to present this edition of our news bulletin in the same way as when it started almost 4 years ago: produced by our students. In this edition you will find the highlights of November and December in our school. In this edition you will find the highlights of November and December at our school, thank you for joining us!

HELVETIA UP TO DATE #282021-12-14T17:03:40-05:00

Thank you for sharing a gift from the heart!


Helvetia School together with the Fundación Lecturas Compartidas held on December 2 the Christmas Night, with the aim of integrating and sensitizing the entire Helvetia community around the theme of Christmas, where students of the social program, solidarity and social sensitivity, sought to raise funds through various activities: Christmas market with beautiful products from the different courses Christmas stories under the magic tree Concert by the school choir Crafts (jute bag St. Nicholas, madeflex tree, butter paper with candles for lanterns, glass pots for decorating) Meeting with St. Nicholas [ ...]

Thank you for sharing a gift from the heart!2021-12-16T06:59:49-05:00

Participation in International Economics Olympiads


Laura Guatibonza, a 12A student, participated in the fourth version of the International Economic Olympiads, which this year was hosted by Latvia. Laura was selected, along with 4 other young people from the country, to represent Colombia in this competition that took place from 26 July to 1 August this year. Congratulations!

Participation in International Economics Olympiads2021-12-16T07:00:09-05:00

Welcome, Sylvie!


Today we welcome Sylvie Thorens, our new and first Rector, to Helvetia, we wish her every success in her administration and hope she has a great experience in her return to Colombia and to our school!

Welcome, Sylvie!2021-08-04T17:49:11-05:00



We are pleased to present the 27th edition of our newsletter Helvetia al Día, with the highlights of the month of May in our school. Thank you for joining us!

HELVETIA UP TO DATE #272021-06-01T18:01:39-05:00



It is a pleasure to introduce you, through the following video, to our future rector: Mrs Sylvie Thorens, who will take office in July.




Today we present the 26th edition of Helvetia al Día, with the most relevant news of April in our school: The return to 100% of the 12th grade students, the invitation to the 360° virtual tour that we recently released, the new campaign of the Environmental Committee, the celebration of Earth Day and the entrepreneurship of a former student who won the CESA entrepreneurship fair. Thank you for joining us!

HELVETIA UP TO DATE #262021-05-04T15:39:38-05:00



Today we are pleased to present the 25th edition of Helvetia al Día; this time with the highlights of March's news in our school: The new Rectory at Helvetia from July 1st, the results of the survey on the new phase of Alternation in the School, the Sports Day in High School, the outstanding role of Helvetia in the Environmental Board of Suba, the new campaign of the Student Council for School Coexistence, the celebration of the Francophonie in Helvetia, and call from the Parents Association [ ...]

HELVETIA UP TO DATE #252021-03-23T16:35:39-05:00

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