The main objective of the Food and Beverage area of Helvetia School in Bogotá is to provide the community with a nutritious, pleasant and balanced diet, through carefully prepared and varied menus, previously supervised by a nutritionist.

The balance between Swiss food culture, Colombian gastronomy and internationally recognised dishes is taken into account in order to support the training of the students during their educational outings and stays (Switzerland, Italy and France).

For students who, due to health and/or religion, must follow a diet that differs from the menus designed by the school, there is the possibility of receiving a diet in accordance with their needs, as we offer vegetarian and vegan menus previously analysed by the nutritionist.


We have an excellent infrastructure and equipment that facilitates the process of preparation and quality of food, as well as highly qualified suppliers selected in accordance with our needs and quality standards required by the Ministry of Health. The area is staffed by experienced, committed and trained personnel.