The Asociación Escolar Helvetia -AEH- is a legal entity of civil nature, governed by private law, and has its registered office in the city of Bogotá D.C.

The main object of the Association is the management and support of Colegio Helvetia in Bogotá, D.C. In a complementary manner, the Association may promote and develop other activities of an educational or cultural nature, as well as establish academic projects of a permanent nature. Its fundamental purpose is to contribute to the improvement of the school life of the members of the Swiss community in Colombia and to ensure the financial sustainability of Colegio Helvetia.

The Association is non-profit making. Consequently, neither its assets, nor its profits, gains, surpluses or credits shall become part of the assets of natural or legal persons in the form of profit distribution, even in the event of liquidation. The assets of the Association are not the property of the active or adherent members, and their rights have no patrimonial content whatsoever.

They are entitled to be members of the Association all natural persons of Swiss nationality, registered at the Swiss Embassy in Colombia, provided that they meet the following two requirements:

  • Have reached the age of twenty (20).
  • Reside in Colombia and are registered with the Helvetia School Association once they have filled out the registration form approved/elaborated by the School Board of Directors.