Last Tuesday, April 30, the exciting award ceremony of the contest "We are looking for the 75th Anniversary of Helvetia School Logo" took place. This contest sought to encourage creativity and participation of students in commemoration of the 75th anniversary of the school, more than 30 proposals were received from students of Cycle II and Cycle III.

The participants, both individually and in teams, demonstrated an impressive display of creativity as they let their imaginations run wild to create a meaningful and representative logo for this important date for the school.

The jury composed of Carlos Duque, expert in advertising creation and graphic design, Martin Kobel (rector in charge), Diego Ayerbe (art professor) and Margarita Aguirre (Communications director), was in charge of evaluating each proposal in search of originality, representation of the school's spirit, clarity and simplicity in the design, as well as mastery of the technique.

After an arduous selection process, the 10 participants who managed to capture the essence of Helvetia School in their proposals were chosen and the 5 finalists were selected:

The winner was Ana María Pieschacón -6b, who with a design managed to capture the spirit and community of the school in her commemorative logo:

Second place went to Benjamín Méndez - 6b:

The third place went to Martina Soler - 5th:

Fourth place went to Daniel Madriñán of 8b:

The fifth place was won byLorenza Camacho and Emilia Maya - 5th:

Many thanks to all the students for their participation in this contest and open mindedness to this celebration !