This is the story of a group of students from Helvetia High School who have found an exciting and challenging activity: building Rubik's cubes. They started with the traditional Rubik's cube, soon more friends joined them and they started participating in tournaments and learned about the competitions, rules and different figures they could put together. Despite age and grade differences, they formed a close-knit group and participated in local and national competitions.

These students from the school have joined together to grow together and participate in an activity that has turned out to be very interesting and has forged a great friendship. It is about putting together cubes, specifically the Rubik's cube, which has 3×3 little squares on each side, 6 different colors and has been around since the year 2022.

Santiago Castro Gómez, a current 4B student, along with his friends Vicente Borda and Pedro Vives, began to assemble cubes together. Over time, they were joined by more friends from other grades, forming a group of "cubers" at the school. After practicing for months, they discovered the World Cube Association (WCA), an association that organizes cubing competitions in almost every country in the world. The children created their WCA profiles and participated in tournaments, such as the one held at the Eden Mall on May 15, 2022.

Over time, the group stayed together and participated in several competitions, including Colombia Nationals 2022. Although not all of them won medals, they came very close, but most importantly, they improved their times.

In September 2022, Federico won a medal in the 3×3 category by averaging 15 seconds in a tournament at Gaira Café. In 2023, the group participated in the Nationals in Medellín, demonstrating their dedication and continuous improvement.

In 2023 the call for the Nationals began in Medellin where 5 Helvetia cubers participated: Pedro, Federico, Gael, Santiago and Vicente. None of them reached medal winning times, but the most important thing was their participation and that they all passed to the final rounds improving their averages.

Our Swiss team is very united, they have their own t-shirts, team hoodies and they all go together to participate, always with the best attitude. When they are in competition the atmosphere is one of total unity among all the competitors. Each one participates individually, but at the same time they help each other and share strategies throughout the day, it is a very supportive, nice and friendly atmosphere, because they know that the most important thing is to participate, learn and open their minds to the world.

Ana Gomez Rojas
Family Reporter