I UNCOLI Educators Summit

At Helvetia School we took part in the I UNCOLI Educators Summit, which aimed to share classroom practices, solve common challenges, create networking, train teachers and administrative staff, and strengthen the network of UNCOLI schools.

This summit was held in 11 schools belonging to the UNCOLI Network, and focused on different areas of knowledge and pedagogy. Our school focused on Social Sciences, with 4 working tables on different topics, as follows: Tensions and challenges in the teaching of the armed conflict in Colombia, national curriculum and international curriculum, geography and territory in emergency in the social sciences and articulation of chairs, and finally, the teaching of diversity and democracy.

This activity began at 8 a.m. on Friday, February 9 and the focus of each of the tables was on the reflection of the difficulties of teaching, but, above all, on the exploration, creation and evaluation of successful alternatives and significant experiences of the teachers attending the summit. Each table was accompanied by an expert speaker on each topic and was accompanied by institutions such as the Ministry of National Education, the District Secretariat of Education, the Pedagogical University of Colombia and EDUCAPAZ.

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