International Red Hand Day

Since 2002, every February 12, Red Hand Day has been celebrated to commemorate the anniversary of the signing of the protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which prohibits the use of children and adolescents in armed conflicts. Helvetia School joins this date remembering the more than 8,000 people who have been victims of this phenomenon and calls for the rights of children to be respected.

Children and adolescents cannot continue to be impacted by armed violence. We make an urgent call to join efforts so that children and adolescents in Colombia, no matter where they are, can enjoy a healthy life, free of violence, next to their families and have access to education and community life, protected and without fear.

In commemoration of this date next Monday, February 12, we will carry out different activities, as follows:

  • Red Hands Challenge

    NEVER AGAIN children and adolescents in war. We will all paint our hands red and we will put them on a banner that will be placed in the school as a reference of this commemoration.
  • Inauguration of the traveling exhibition

    "Girls and boys count for peace" here you can meet the participants of the drawing and audio contest carried out by COALICO with the support of COSUDE. Do not miss this wonderful exhibition.
  • A hand like mine
    Students from fifth to ninth grades will be invited to a space for reflection where each one will be given one of the drawings that were part of the contest. At the end, each person's expressions will be collected and will serve as a response to the children and adolescents who participated in the contest in principle and to other children in Colombia.
  • Conversation: Girls and boys count for peace and do not belong to the war
    COSUDE and COALICO will share the meaning of this space in line with the construction of peace from every corner of Colombia and the rationale of commemorations such as those of February 12 for issues related to the affectations to humanity by the armed conflict and other violence. The conversation will be inspired by the intervention of three people: two participants of the contest "Girls and boys count for peace" and a survivor of recruitment who has transformed her life to support others and prevent the recruitment of girls and boys in Colombia.

Don't miss these activities on February 12 at Helvetia College!

No morechildren and adolescents at war.

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