Last Thursday, May 12, Marcel Hofstetter, President of the Board of Directors of Colegio Helvetia de Bogotá, together with the Swiss Ambassador, Eric Mayoraz, presented the new project of Colegio Helvetia de Medellín to the Swiss community living in Antioquia.

The objective is to come to Medellin to continue forming young people committed to the environment and with a high quality education that meets the educational standards of Switzerland and Colombia. In this way, this new project will continue to strengthen the Swiss culture in the country as a mixed, non-denominational, multicultural and multilingual school, where Colombian culture and Swiss traditions coexist. Like Helvetia in Bogota, it will offer the two sections, German and French, which correspond to two of the four official languages of Switzerland.

More than 50 Swiss citizens participated in the development of this event, who supported the viability of this new project with their signature to constitute the Helvetia School Association of Antioquia and elected its first board of directors, which was composed as follows:

  • Chairman: Markus Hürlimann
  • Vice-president: Eduardo Vogelsang
  • Aura Rico
  • Christian Briker
  • Laurent Wenger
  • Monica Albisser
  • Marcel Hofstetter

During the presentation of this project, Marcel Hofstetter emphasized the importance of its viability, the objective of continuing to grow as a community and the strengthening of the institution as one of the most important in the country.

This new project will strengthen the community and contribute positively to the development of our country.

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