Helvetia School, together with the Fundación Lecturas Compartidas, held a Christmas Night on 2 December, with the aim of integrating and raising awareness among the entire Helvetia community around the theme of Christmas, where the students of the social programme, solidarity and social sensitivity, sought to raise funds through various activities:

  • Christmas market with beautiful products from the different classes
  • Christmas stories under the magic tree
  • Concert by the school choir
  • Crafts (St. Nicholas jute bag, madeflex tree, butter paper with candles for lanterns, glass pots for decorating)
  • Encounter with Saint Nicholas
  • Food stalls

Thanks to the more than 700 attendees, many children will be able to enjoy a good book, as the funds raised will be used to help the foundation to continue with the wonderful project of libraries. Lecturas Compartidas Foundation continue with the wonderful library project, which aims to create, equip and install 2 rural school libraries in Pajonal (San Onofre, Sucre), the two rural schools have a total of 75 students in primary grades and multi-grade classrooms. These two new libraries are in addition to the first library installed in August 2019 in the main seat of the Educational Institution of PAJONAL (650 students in Primary and High School).

Thanks to our entire community!
A supportive community aware of the power of helping others, where students, parents, parents, managers, administrative staff and teachers participated in the management and organisation of this wonderful event, which, thanks to all the support, successfully achieved the objectives set.